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RJI has been performing siding installation services for over 30 years and has made partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. If you have old siding that's been damaged, have rot that needs to be addressed, or it's time to give your home new curb appeal, RJI can bring tremendous value to your siding project.

Our highly trained representatives can walk you through the process step by step, assist with product selection, provide samples for you to evaluate, and help find the best solution for your needs. If your concerned about the integrity of your siding or just want to get a quote for something new, give us a call or complete the form below to get engaged with a RJI representative today.

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Choosing The Right Product

RJI has aligned with several of the siding industry's leading manufacturers such as LP Smartside, James Hardie and Norandex to bring the best solutions to our customers. We handle full siding replacement and repairs. RJI representatives are knowledgeable in a wide array of products to help the property owner make a well-informed decision.

RJI offers various products in wood, vinyl steel, fiber cement, composite, and engineered wood.  We have aligned ourselves with several manufacturers whose products are designed to perform with durability, offer weather protection and decorative appearance.

Severe weather may test the integrity of your home and disasters can happen fast. Choosing a quality siding product, along with a quality installer, will help your home against these unpredictable events.

Contact us to speak with a siding specialist that will walk through what your needs and concerns are to find the best options for your project. RJI offers free estimates to property owners to discuss their siding needs.

While we have a wide range of product offerings for siding, we strongly recommend evaluting one of the three most common types of siding listed below.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood is one of the most popular siding products used today in markets across the United States. RJI did an extreme amount of due diligence when choosing to partner with LP SmartSide.  LP Smartside manufactures a reliable, high-quality product. LP is often a go to product selection for many of our customers.  With a strong emphasis on reducing carbon footprint and being recognized as one of the most sustainable siding suppliers operating in the market, LP Smartside is a natural fit for RJI’s first choice in engineered wood siding products.

LP Smartside siding has the appearance of real wood, while being more durable, longer lasting, and sustainable. LP manufactures its products with a proprietary formula of high strength resins and chemicals to not only provide a great product but also help with resistance to insects and microbial growth. LP also manufactures all related siding products such as soffit and fascia to match their siding products to compliment the entire exterior of your home. If you are looking for lap siding, shake siding look, or board and batten, RJI can bring all these solutions with LP SmartSide products.


There are so many colors available that you can easily get the appearance that you want. Vinyl siding is extremely popular because of the durability, low maintenance, and vast array of colors and textures. Vinyl siding can be a cost affordable solution over other products, and it is also easy to repair.

RJI uses Norandex as our preferred vinyl siding supplier. Norandex offers a wide variety of vinyl products that vary based on color, texture, insulation, and durability that allows RJI to pull from a wide range of products to find a solution that fits your needs. Norandex vinyl siding is easy to install and allows for flexibility in climates with harsh weather. RJI can suggest many vinyl siding options that accommodate your budget and personal preferences.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a very durable product that is rot and insect resistant that is also non-combustible for fire prone areas. RJI recommends the use of fiber cement in fire prone areas or where wood products have failed to hold up in the past.

RJI emphasizes the use of James Hardie siding for fiber cement siding. James Hardie siding is engineered to stand up to the climate you live in and will stay looking new for years after installation. Hardie fiber cement products are non-combustible and hold up well to pests such as woodpeckers and insects that often cause severe damage to regular wood siding.  Hardie products come in a wide variety of colors and provide great durability while still maintaining that woodgrain look people adore.

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