Commercial Property Construction & Restoration

Restoring commercial property to its original condition after disaster is time sensitive. The longer the property is unavailable for use impacts all parts of the business.  Commercial property restoration involves returning a damaged or distressed commercial property back to its original condition as quickly as possible. Office buildings, retail stores, warehouses or apartment building are all properties that RJI is equipped to handle. This can include repairing or replacing damaged structures and systems, as well as cleaning and restoring the interior and exterior of the property.  Selecting a restoration company to make repairs should consider insurance company requirements, location, experience, and trust.

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Commercially Capable

RJI is fully bonded, licensed, and insured contractor. We have preferred vendor status with many insurance companies and meet their requirements for a licensed contractor. No matter the challenge whether flood, weather, or fire, RJI is equipped to handling the challenge of restoring the commercial property. If the property restoration can be covered by insurance, RJI will work directly with your insurance carrier to resolve any claims issues and make sure your property is restored to its original condition. If a proposal is needed to submit to Ownership or a Board of Directors, we can provide that service as well. Whether you have a ruptured pipe in one bathroom or your in need of a remodel on a 10 story building, RJI is equipped and committed to getting the job done right.


The contractor’s location is crucial to a successful project. RJI is a locally based contractor that is available to oversee the repairs and ensure they are handled correctly. On-site supervision is invaluable to ensure the property is restored correctly. Being a local contractor, allows RJI a quick response in the event of emergency repairs.


Experience and trust in your contractor for commercial restoration is important. Experience matters and RJI has over 30 years performing restoration work. Our commercial construction representatives interact with your company from beginning to completion. RJI representatives will assist with insurance claims, working with suppliers and the stakeholder to ensure the project is well managed.  Communication with you is important to a successful project. Your trust is earned and valued. RJI will be there for you when the need arises.

Proper Maintenance & Repair

Commercial construction maintenance involves the ongoing upkeep and repair of commercial buildings and other structures. This can include everything from small repairs and routine maintenance tasks to larger renovations and upgrades. Proper maintenance and repair are essential for ensuring that a commercial property remains safe, functional, is attractive to tenants and customers, and preserves its value.


RJI recommends regularly scheduled preventative maintenance inspections designed to help identify maintenance issues from occurring. Examples of preventive maintenance tasks include inspecting your roofing system annually, checking your drainage systems, inspecting and replacing worn building components, and sealing and weatherproofing exposed or damaged parts of the building. Inspection issues identified are met with the most-cost effective resolution possible. We align the scope of repairs to the customer’s budget. Preventative maintenance is a tool to prevent or alleviate future repairs.


As a commercial property ages, it may be necessary to upgrade or replace certain systems or equipment to improve efficiency and functionality. Examples of upgrades can include replacing outdated HVAC systems, replacing roof components, installing energy-efficient lighting, and upgrading electrical and plumbing systems. Commercial property maintenance can become costly if left unattended. Monitoring buildings and equipment through scheduled inspections aids the property owner on budgeting for repairs.


RJI can help your business ensure that your property receives the ongoing care and attention it needs to remain in top condition. Routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or major renovations, RJI has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. Contact us today if your interested in getting an inspection or would like additional information on our commercial construction services.

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At RJI Professionals, we are committed to giving your commercial building the durable and long-lasting services that you and it deserve. If you are ready to get a project started, need help or just have questions about the commercial services we offer, give us call or request a free estimate.