How to prepare your car for a storm

Following from our guide to how to prepare your home for a storm, we’ll help you to prepare your car for a storm, so that you can get home or wherever you need to be, when the weather is bad. Here’s what we recommend. 1.Keep your car in good condition Now is a good time… Read more »

Communication during a Storm

In the event of a severe storm, other weather phenomenon or disaster, then you’ll want to be able to tell people that you need help, or that you’re OK. That’s why communication during a storm is so important. Here’s what you’ll need to think about. 1. No internet If there is no power, then you… Read more »

How to prepare your home for a storm

In the event of a storm warning or other emergency situation there are several things you can do to prepare your home for a hail storm to minimize the damage done by hail. As well as having your Home Emergency Plan and your Home Emergency Kit, you can make sure you prepare your home for… Read more »

10 Things to do in Denver

We talked about 10 things you didn’t know about Denver, and so if you’re tempted to come here, there are certainly lots of things to do in Denver. We’ve chosen some of our favorite activities, sights and things to do in Denver that will keep you entertained and give you an insight into this amazing… Read more »

10 Things you didn’t know about Denver

Following on from our 10 things you didn’t know about Minneapolis, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Denver, the Mile High City. 1. The Mile High City Denver really is the Mile High City, and is officially 5,280 ft, (1,610m) above sea level.  The rarified air means that alcoholic drinks are ‘stronger’, golf… Read more »

10 Things to do in Minneapolis

There are many things to do in Minneapolis and St Paul, and lots to see too; we should know as we see a lot of the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas as we visit our customers. Here, in no particular order are 10 things to do in Minneapolis. 1. Minneapolis institute of Art The… Read more »

10 Things you need to know about Minneapolis and St Paul

Because we cover a wide range of locations, we see people in many states across North America. Not everyone is from Minneapolis, has ever been to Minnesota, or knows about the Land of 10,000 Lakes. As a bit of change from our normal blog posts, we thought we’d tell you more about Minneapolis and St… Read more »

Have you got a Home Emergency Plan?

In the event of a storm, you won’t want to panic about finding things, or worrying about whether you should stay at home or need to find somewhere safer. You’ll need to make sure that you remain calm and confident so that you and your family can stay safe , warm and dry. All the… Read more »

Storm Preparation

Following on from our 10 common storm types blog post, we’ve created a storm preparation guide which could help save your family and your home, in the event that you are affected by a storm. We’ll be posting a number of articles on how to prepare your home, yourself and your family, so that in… Read more »

What should be in your Home Emergency Kit?

When you’ve created your Home Emergency Plan you’ll need a Home Emergency Kit too. This will include everything you need to stay warm and dry, communicate, clear rubble if needed, and survive for several days and nights without light, heat or power. Your home emergency kit will be unique, as your location, capabilities and family… Read more »