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RJI Professionals specializes in all things exterior. If your home or business needs stucco work, we have different stucco options that are available to you. As stucco contractors, we offer different textures and colors that suit a wide range of tastes. Simply let us know what you envision and we will show you options that can make it happen.

Offering Different Stucco Recoating Options

To give your home or business the look that you’re looking for, we can re-coat or paint the surface. This means we have options that fit within your budget. Which option you choose determines how long the look will last. For instance, painting stucco will usually last 1 to 3 years, depending on the weather. Our service areas in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Texas can see their fair share of severe weather all year round. This is something to consider and we will advise you of the expected lifespan.

If you opt for another one of our recoating options, you can receive an average of 10 or more years out of your stucco.

From Minor Repairs To Extensive Restorations

Because we are all about giving you the exterior that you deserve, we can perform everything from minor repairs to extensive restoration. If your old stucco is looking less than attractive, you don’t have to deal with it long when we are here to transform it for you.

During the transformation, we exercise very strict quality assurance standards and maintain a tidy work environment. We also use the highest level of skill to ensure an end result that you will be 100% satisfied with.

New Stucco Work That Suits Your Style

If you are having stucco work done for the first time, our stucco contractors will listen to your preferences and make it happen. There are different colors and textures, so don’t be afraid to specify what you want. When you are looking to produce solid curb appeal, there’s no room to hold back.
Once you decide on the style, we get to work to create a look that you can be proud of. For homeowners, new stucco is about giving their home the look and aesthetic appeal they want. For the business, it’s about first impressions that can encourage new business. There are many advantages for both residential and commercial customers.

Contact Our Stucco Contractors For A Free Quote

If you need stucco work completed on your home or business, RJI Professionals, Inc. will ensure a professional job with the highest level of craftsmanship. To learn more about the stucco work we can perform or receive a free estimate, call us at 877-776-3310.