Storm Preparation

Following on from our 10 common storm types blog post, we’ve created a storm preparation guide which could help save your family and your home, in the event that you are affected by a storm.

We’ll be posting a number of articles on how to prepare your home, yourself and your family, so that in the event of a storm, you’ll be prepared, know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

We previously talked about different types of storms, and what to expect, from snow hail and thunderstorms, to hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms, so you’ll need to know what to do if you’re affected by one.

  • Would you know what to do in the event of an ice storm or a Derecho?
  • Do you know which time of the year your home is most likely to be affected by a storm?

Home Emergency Plan

We’ll start off your storm preparation with the Home Emergency Plan, which explains what you can do to help you and your family survive the first few hours or even days after a storm damages your home.

  • Do you know where you’d go if your home was badly damaged?
  • Have you got enough medication to last you several days?
  • Do you know where you insurance details are?

Find out how to create your Home Emergency Plan

Home Emergency Kit

As part of your Home Emergency Plan, you’ll need a home emergency kit too. This will give you the essentials you need in case you can’t get up or downstairs for a number of hours or days.

  • Could you feed your family and stay warm if a tree had landed on your roof?
  • Could you you keep your children entertained?

Find out what needs to be in your Home Emergency Kit

Home Preparation

We’ve talked about what you need to think about, and have with you, so it’s time for the preventative measures you can take to make sure that you and your family are not in any more risk.

  • Could your prevent injuries caused by items flying off shelves?
  • Could you stop things or falling off walls in the event of your house suffering storm damage.

Find out How to prepare you home for a storm

Car Preparation

If you’re not at home or at work, then you might be in the car. If you’re caught in a storm whilst in your car, could you manage?

  • Do you carry emergency items in your car?
  • Have you got enough gas and a local map?
  • Could you get home or to somewhere safe?

Find out How to prepare your car for a storm

Workplace Preparation

Whilst preparing your home is essential, you spend a lot of time at work too, so you’ll need to make sure that your workplace is prepared in the event of a storm.

  • Do you know where the emergency exits are?
  • Do you know how you’d get home if the road was blocked?
  • Could you get up and downstairs in your office if the lift didn’t work?

Find out how to prepare your workplace for a storm

Business Preparation

What about your business? Your staff and workplace may be able to cope, but what about you business, your customers and suppliers?

  • Are you prepared if your computers are damaged?
  • What if you have no internet connection?
  • Where will you work if you can’t back in to the building for days?
  • How will your staff, customers and business cope?

Find out to prepare your business for a storm

Aftermath of a storm

When you’re certain the storm is over you’ll want to assess the damage and see what needs to be done.

  • What should you do immediately?
  • Do you know what should you never do?
  • Do you know what to be aware of?
  • Do you know what to be look for?

Find out what to do in the aftermath of a storm

How to choose the right Storm Damage Repair Contractor

So you’ve assessed the damage and know what needs to be done. Who will do the work for you?

  • Should you choose the cheapest option?
  • Should you choose the contractor who can do the work the quickest?
  • Should you wait for an established storm damage contractor?

Find out our Top 10 Tips for choosing a Storm Damage Repair Contractor