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RJI professionals performs siding installation services in Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Texas. Vinyl siding is extremely popular because of its durability, the high number of color choices, textures, and low maintenance.

At RJI, we only use the best materials. Because of this, we use Norandex siding. Norandex gives our customers a wide range of attractive options that are designed to stand up to harsh weather. This quality siding also adds value to the home.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Homeowners and business owners prefer siding because of the following reasons:

  • Siding requires very little maintenance
  • Siding can stand up to hot and cold temperatures
  • Impact resistance helps it stand up to some of the harshest weather
  • Siding provides additional insulation
  • The design allows water to roll off the walls of the structure
  • The cost is lower than other materials
  • Siding doesn’t rot and isn’t as appetizing to insects

Adding Aesthetic Appeal And Value

The flexibility of siding is a major benefit because it is less likely to break if it is hit by flying debris. If it is broken, the broken section can be replaced without having to replace all the siding. Other types of exterior coverings don’t offer this sort of flexibility and ease of repair.

You also get better temperature control.

Vinyl doesn’t conduct cold or heat. Metal siding does, which can put stress on the insulating barriers of the home or business. In fact, vinyl siding has an insulating factor, which means it aids in keeping cool air or warm air in and the outside air where it belongs.

Vinyl siding is aesthetically appealing

There are so many colors available that you can easily get the appearance that you want. Vinyl siding doesn’t chip or fade over time, so you get a quality material that is going to last a long time. That makes your choice of siding extremely important.

At RJI, we carry siding that has a good manufacturer’s warranty so that you are protected against fade or premature wear for a prolonged period of time. You can have faith that you are getting a quality product to protect your biggest investment.

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