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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane that is made from ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene polymerized together. The way it is installed allows the membrane to be exposed throughout the lifetime of the roof. This is a relatively new type of roofing compared to some, as it was introduced in 1989 and has become more popular around the world ever since.

TPO roofing is highly effective in cool climates. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Montana, and North Dakota can have very cold temperatures in the winter. It only makes sense that RJI professionals would be a roofing company that would offer TPO roofing.

This type of roofing is ideal for commercial buildings, especially those that want to reduce cooling costs during the summer months.

A Sustainable Roofing Option

In addition to the superior performance in cold weather and a reduction in cooling costs in the summer, companies and organizations like the environmental friendliness of TPO roofing. An office building with a TPO roof can use up to 90% less energy than office buildings of similar size. This translates into a significantly positive impact on a business’s bottom lines. the reflectivity accounts for a great deal of the energy savings because heat and light are directed away.

TPO roofing also works well in conjunction with skylights and solar panels. A commercial building can achieve an impressive amount of sustainability.

Roofing You Can Rely On

TPO has many qualities. Those qualities include:

  • Flexibility, durability, and versatility – High resistance to tears, punctures, and impacts. TPO is available in different thicknesses and can be installed on low and high slopes and reshaped multiple times to accommodate the details of the roof.
  • Economical and fast to install – The flexibility of TPO allows for fast installation.
  • Light coloring that keeps the roof cooler – The light color reflects the energy of the sun, thus reducing the amount of heat the building absorbs from the roof.
  • Welded seams so the roof lasts for the long-term – A hot-air gun is used to weld the seams so that they hold strongly.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable –
  • Little maintenance – TPO roofing requires very little maintenance throughout its life, which adds to the cost savings of having this type of roofing.

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