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The flat roof products installed by RJI Professionals, Inc. are designed to solve many of the issues that occur with commercial flat roofs. Because the roofs are flat, they experience problems, but they are usually chosen anyway because of certain advantages.

We work with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to provide our customers with the best flat roofing solutions. We are able to stop issues like chronic leaking and weather-related deterioration.

Energy Efficient Roofing

One major quality of a flat roof is energy efficiency. For instance:
Our flat roof solutions like TPO can reflect a high percentage of the sun’s rays, keeping the building from absorbing more heat than it has to. This means the air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard.

Roof temperatures can be reduced by up to 80 degrees with our flat roof solutions.

The roofing is water tight so no water finds its way into the building. For of all, a leak means that air is escaping the building or outside air is being left in. When water infiltrates the roof, the damage inside the building can be expensive.

Our restoration system is very affordable. You can eliminate constant leak damage and repair. We make flat roof restoration a much more economical process. As a matter of fact, we carry out a quiet installation process so that you can go on with business as usual.

What we do is very good considering flat roofs are a popular choice for industrial and commercial buildings. Flat roofs are more affordable than sloping roofs. A flat roof also has a certain degree of stability and it creates a horizontal space with multiple purposes (rooftop HVAC systems, for instance). There are many building elements that can be integrated into a flat roof, such as skylights or solar panels.

Flat roofs are also easier to inspect because there is no danger of falling. When there is a problem, it is immediately obvious, which is good.

Workmanship You Can Trust

At RJI Professionals, we have given customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and Texas the service that they require and need. We are straightforward in our approach and we address flat roof issues aggressively so that the roof can work the way it was meant to. As your flat roof replacement and repair contractor, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

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