Protecting our Clients, their Homes and our Employees amidst Covid-19.

03.27.20 by James Belmont (Remodeling Operations Manager)

As a new day begins, a new set of circumstances and challenges presents itself with the reality of Covid-19.  This current outbreak is in every state including Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin, our primary markets for construction services.  RJI Professionals is committed to ensuring the safety of our Employees, our Homeowners, our Sub Contractors, our Suppliers and even our local Insurance Adjusters.  In light of many shelter in place orders and stay at home orders, most states have deemed construction services as Essential business functions.

Realizing that the home is our greatest shelter and barrier from the virus that is stealing so much of our society currently, Governors want to protect our homes.  The damaging storms that ravage homes with devastating wind, hail, and rain will not be taking time off or social distancing themselves from our communities.  That is why companies like RJI Professionals are here and committed to help amidst the crisis. We understand that when a storm hits and damage is done, this can and often does displace families from the sanctuary of their home.  Unless a structure is quickly evaluated and repaired, further damage can take place.

How is RJI Professionals staying ahead of the issue?  We realize that we must keep up with the times and even create new process and methods to keep business moving forward.  We have many systems and protocols in place to help maintain social distancing while completing necessary work.  We have expanded health standards and protocols for our employees to stay safe while at work and to stay home if there is any concern of illness.  We have digital methods for our clients to receive, review and sign documents digitally without needing the old “sit down at the kitchen table” approach to the process.  For the foreseeable future, even the longest standing traditions of a handshake greeting is on hold (Pardon the pun).  We understand that clients still have the need to have a roof replaced, windows replaced, siding replaced to maintain the integrity and value of their home while balancing new social norms.  We even have the ability to have sales calls and our various meetings / appointments over video as we don’t want to loose the face to face and relational interaction that is still valued.

Our commitment to you, our valued client, is this: To continually find new and innovative ways to ensure a smooth, worry free transaction (in light of but not limited by our current pandemic) from start to finish so your home and its repairs are one less thing you need to worry about.

We’re in this together!