How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

If the cold weather and snow hasn’t hit you yet, then perhaps you’ve still got time to prepare your home for winter.

If you’re not sure what’s involved in preparing your home for Winter, then here’s what we recommend you need to think about.

Remember, that your personal and family safety are of paramount importance, and if the weather does change, or you don’t feel comfortable or capable of checking to see if your home is prepared for winter, then consult the professionals.

1. Check Gutters

One of the first things to do when you prepare your home for winter is to make sure that your gutters are cleared of leaves and other debris, and that they are working properly.

It’s a good idea to replace any damaged guttering pipes, parts and connectors, or get guttering experts in if you can’t do it yourself.

2. Check roof

You’ll need to carefully check your roof for broken or missing tiles and other damage. Look from a distance, perhaps with binoculars, if you’re not confident about climbing a ladder.

If you do spot damage, you’ll need to get the roofing experts in to get it fixed before the weather gets any colder or wetter.

3. Check windows and doors for damage

If you’ve had your doors and windows open for most of the summer, then they might need to be cleaned properly ready for the winter.

If you notice any issues, now would be a good time to think about getting more efficient windows or doors to help you save on your heating bills as you prepare your home for winter. Replacement Windows can make a big difference to your home all year round, from saving money on heating in winter, adding value to your home, and making your home more secure.

4. Check for drafts

As you prepare your home for winter, and looking at your windows and doors, you’ll want to check for drafts too.

If you find any, you’ll want to caulk them to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Perhaps you’ll decide to replace any doors or windows that leak.

5. Check sidings

Storm and bad weather can damage your sidings, so you’ll want to make sure that your home is well protected.

If you are replacing your sidings, then modern vinyl siding can change the appearance of your home, are strong and durable and often have a long warranty. These benefits make them a good choice for many homeowners.

6. Tidy leaves and trees

As well as clearing the leaves from your gutters when you prepare your home for winter, you’ll want to remove them from all over your garden, drive, pool and everywhere else.

Perhaps now is a good time to cut down tree branches that could damage your home if they fell on it. You’ll want to make sure that your family and home aren’t at risk in the event of a storm or high winds.

7. Put outdoor furniture away

Once it starts getting colder you’ll want to clean your outdoor furniture and put it away. Remember to make sure that your pool is protected against the elements too.

Perhaps you’ll think about replacing worn out or damaged outdoor furniture now instead of next summer. Buying now whilst you prepare your home for winter might mean you get it cheaper as it’s out of season.

8. Sort tools and equipment out

Your summer tools and equipment needs cleaning and putting away too. You won’t need to mow the lawn tools for a few months now, and you can confidently put your garden tools away.

Again, if you need them, why not think about buying new summer equipment now while it’s likely to be cheaper.

9. Get winter tools and equipment ready

As you put your summer tools and equipment away, you’ll want to get your winter items ready too.

You’ll need to find everything from your boots and gloves to your shovels and snowblower so you’re ready for when the weather changes.

It’s better to find out that you’re missing something now, than when you wake up to the first snow of winter.

10. Check heating and ventilation

You’ll need to check your heating and ventilation both inside and outside your home.

From your fireplace and chimney, to clearing your AC unit you’ll have lots to think about before the weather turns colder.

Remember to make sure you have plenty of firewood if you need it, and that it is kept dry.

Again, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, or know that you can’t do it yourself, call the professionals in.


Whilst there is a lot to do, you can get ahead and make sure that your family and your home prepare for winter properly.

Need help with your home maintenance or need winter damage repairing? Why not contact RJI Pro now on 877-ROOF-310 and tell us how we can help you?