Ice Dams are not covered by Roof Warranty

Just to let you know, RJI Professionals, Inc. and the manufacturers of your roofing products, DO NOT WARRANTY ICE DAMS.

“Ice dams are not covered by your roof warranty.”

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the property owner (probably you, or your landlord) to resolve this problem.

Your Homeowners Insurance may cover removal of ice dams and pay for the damage caused by the ice damming.

You need to call your local agent to find out.

Roof Snow Removal

If you can, we recommend that you clear the bottom 6′ of snow from your roof along the eaves.

This is potentially dangerous, and you may not be confident, capable or safe doing this.

To avoid injury, or damage to your roof, we strongly suggest that you hire an experienced and qualified roofing professional.

Ice Dam Removal

If you spot an ice dam, you should act immediately.

Will you:

  • Leave it be, and risk water backing up further into your home?
  • Throw some salt up on the ice dam, and hope it cuts though the ice?
  • Stand on a ladder and chop away at the ice whilst trying not to damage your roofing material and gutters?
  • Hire a professional roofing professional to use a low pressure steamer to melt the ice dams?

RJI Professionals, Inc. strongly recommends hiring a licensed and insured company to remove your ice dam, and prevent damage to your roof and your home. We would never recommend you let anyone else go on your roof.


RJI Professionals, Inc. can help you remove snow and ice dams.

Remember this is not a warranty issue; it is in fact a maintenance issue.

We have removed ice dams from many homes over many years, and are looking forward to helping you.

Why not Contact our office at 877-766-3310 if you need help with your roof.

Thank you for your business, stay warm and we wish you the best that life has to offer in the future.