How to prepare your car for a storm

Following from our guide to how to prepare your home for a storm, we’ll help you to prepare your car for a storm, so that you can get home or wherever you need to be, when the weather is bad.

Here’s what we recommend.

1.Keep your car in good condition

Now is a good time to ensure that you car is in good condition. You’ll want to check the tires, oil and water and that everything works as it should do.

You don’t want to find out in the middle of a storm that your windshield wipers don’t work, or that your lights flicker.

2. Gas

Ensuring that there is at least half a tank of gas is recommended so that you can go where you need to even if the gas stations are closed.

Also, you may have to take a long diversion if your normal route is closed due to a fallen tree or flood on the road, so you won’t want to run out of gas on the way.

3. First aid kit and Emergency kit

In case you can’t get home, or need to travel far, then you’ll want to have your Car Emergency Kit with you.

Your Car Emergency Kit can be adapted or duplicated from your existing Home Emergency Kit, and having a multitool, flashlight and batteries, and a high-viz jacket as a minimum will be worthwhile.

Remember a first aid kit too, and any medication you or your family need, as well as painkillers.

4. External battery charger

Keeping an external battery charger fully charged in your car will enable you to charge your cellphone, GPS and other devices in the event that you can’t get home.

If you just want to keep your children entertained with a game, or pass time with an episode of your favorite TV show when you’re stranded for hours, then you won’t be worried about your phone or tablet battery going flat.

5. Map

Having a local map in the glove box is a good idea, in case GPS is unavailable, or you are worried about road closures, flooding and fallen trees. It’s a good idea to get organized and prepare your car for a storm.

Marking safe areas, motels and alternative routes in advance can save time and stop you from worrying in the event you are caught in a storm and can’t easily get home.

6. Warm clothing

Keeping warm waterproof clothes and boots in your car is a good idea in case you have to abandon the car and walk.

Whilst abandoning your car shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, it may be quicker to leave your car to get help or walk to a nearby motel than trying an alternative route.

7. Cash

Having cash on you is recommended, in case you need to buy provisions, gas or other items or the ATM doesn’t work.

You might also need cash to ‘encourage’ others to help you out too.

8. Water and food

Ensuring that you have additional food and water to last you and your family in case you need to spend the night in the car is a good idea.

Remember that whilst a bag of candy bars might seem like a good idea, you’ll need proper food to keep you going. Treats may be a good idea to keep your children happy in the event that you need to spend the night in the car, or you need to walk to the nearest town.

 9. Tools

Keeping a tool kit in the car will help you with typical problems that you might encounter whilst on the road. From changing a wheel to replacing lightbulbs, you’ll have everything you need to get you on your way safely again..

A shovel in the car will help you dig your car out of snow drifts, or make it easier to move fallen trees that are in your way.

10. Phone numbers

Having the most important phone numbers you need with you in the car, such as your home and spouse cellphone, home and car insurance details and your AAA or equivalent breakdown cover policy number is recommended. Another reason to prepare your car for a storm.

Whatever the situation, and the state of your cellphone battery, you’ll always to able to find the number you need and call it, from a payphone if necessary.


Whilst we don’t do car repairs, we do do home repairs.

If you come home to find your home has suffered storm damaged, simply Contact Us at 877-Roof-310  and tell us what you need us to do, and we’ll do the rest.