How to help your neighbors prepare for a storm

Whilst you and your family might be well prepared for any eventuality, from your children knowing how to open doors to your spouse knowing where to find additional medication, what about helping your neighbors prepare for a storm?

1. Elderly

If you have elderly neighbors, then you’ll want to go and see them and ask what you can do to help them prepare for a storm.

2. Disabled and Infirm

Perhaps they need help with moving around, or need an additional battery or charger for their mobility scooter, a new tire for their wheelchair or just another pair of glasses.

3. Those with small children

Parents of small children might appreciate the offer of you babysitting their children for a while so that they can prepare easier.

In the event of a storm or other major incident you might want to stay close by so that the children can play with your children or at least have somebody they know nearby.

4. Practical help

If your neighbors are busy parents, infirm or elderly, then they might appreciate you offering to help by moving things around their house for them.

Also, ensure they’ve got enough food, and water, and anything else they might need.

5. Home Emergency Plan and Home Emergency Kit

When you’ve developed your Home Emergency Plan and your Home Emergency Kit, why not see if your neighbors want help creating theirs too?

They’re bound to think of things that you need in your plan and kit, and vice versa.

You might both learn new skills and be even better prepared.

6. Food and water

Having plenty of food and water will put everyone more at ease.

Why not get some food or water for your neighbors when you buy your own additional supplies?

7. Medication

The elderly, infirm and parents may be worried about medication, whether it’s extra medication for existing conditions, or something as simple as additional painkillers.

You could help your neighbors get their medication when you get yours.

8. Pets

You’ll need to ask your neighbors if they have pets and what their plans are. Perhaps you could offer to look after their dog if they couldn’t manage in the event of a storm or other disaster.

9. Communication

If you know that an elderly or inform neighbor is worried about not being able to find out information, why not arrange to get in contact with them on a regular basis?

In addition to letting them know the latest news, you can ensure that they are safe and well too, by communicating during a storm.

10. Entertainment

Why not ask your neighbors round to your house (if it is safe to do so) so that you can spend some time together, and they won’t feel lonely. Even if they say no, they will be pleased that you asked them.


If you can prepare yourself, your family and your home, why not offer to help others too. They’re bound to appreciate the offer.

If you or your neighbors need help after the storm, then we’re here read to help.

Simply Contact Us at 877-Roof-310 and tell us what you need us to do, and we’ll do the rest.