How To Choose More Energy Efficient Windows

If you’ve determined that your replacement windows need to be energy efficient, then here’s what you need to think about.

1. Identify that your windows are to blame

There’s no point in spending a lot of money on new windows, if they’re not the cause of your heat loss. You might find that your roof has a hole in it, or your doors don’t fit very well.

2. Know your annual energy costs

You’ll need to determine your annual energy costs, so that you know your baseline. If you don’t know what you’re spending, how can you know what impact any savings from your energy efficient windows will have?

It’s worth looking at your energy spend for a couple of years, so that you’re not swayed if a winter was particularly cold or mild.

3. Energy Star Compliant

The energy efficient windows you are looking at must comply with your local Energy Code.

It makes sense to look at Energy Star approved windows, because in most cases this means that they meet or exceed the Energy Code requirements.

4. Efficient Properties

Look for the Efficient Properties of the windows.

You’ll find this information on the National Fenestration Rating Council (NRFC) label on the window.

5. Compare Energy Efficient Windows

You’ll need to compare different types of window, using the Efficient Properties, to determine which is the most energy efficient window.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure that the window meets your other requirements. You might also value low maintenance, high visibility and noise reduction as highly as energy efficiency.

6. Ensure Proper Installation

Replacement windows needed to be fitted properly, and it’s a job best left for the professionals.

You don’t want to discover that you’re not making the energy or cost saving s you thought you were, due to badly fitted windows.

Ensuring that there are no water or air leaks, and that each window is fitted optimally in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.

If you’ve decided on a certain type of window, or favour a particular brand, then you’ll want to ensure that the window fitter you choose can supply and fit them.


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