Stephanie Weber: Assisting You In Financing Your Home Improvements

Direct line: (651) 426-8223
Fax number: (651) 426-8218
Email: stephanie.weber@usbank.com

A convenient way to finance your remodel/new roof with us is by using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.

As a loyal USBank customer ourselves, we have been very pleased with USBank Flexperks Rewards cards which offer competitive rates and cash back or travel points.

With our personal business banker, we are able to get fast decisions on these cards and we keep an application on our website for ease of applying, or you can call our banker directly to take your application over the phone.

Would this be a helpful option for you?

Simply download the application by clicking the US Bank Logo below.



If you need help with your application for financing your new roof or house remodel, or simply want more information about how RJI Professionals can help you, simply Contact us today at 877-ROOF-310, and tell us how we can help, or what you need us to do.