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When your office building roof or another type of commercial roofing has been damaged, is suffering the effects of age, or has gone through a lot of abuse through the years, RJI Professionals can help you. Our commercial roofing contractors are highly skilled with an excellent work ethic that ensures you receive the best possible experience.

We have served customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, and Texas with their commercial roofing needs. We assess the existing roof and determine how we can make it better for you.
We work with sloped roofs and flat roofs.

Precision Welded Membrane systems

We offer a number of roofing types. However, precision welded membrane systems work well for office buildings. TPO, PVC, and EPDM are examples of membrane systems. Because office building roofs have a very low slope or they are completely flat, it is ideal to have a roofing system that is durable. Office building roofing has to withstand the weather and even foot traffic at times.

The height of a building can subject its roof to a lot of abuse, so proper installation and durability are necessary factors in ensuring the longevity and functionality of the roof.
High-Quality Shingle & Steel Roofing

We also offer asphalt shingles and steel roofing for commercial establishments. There are some buildings where shingles work very well. There are other types of building, such as storage buildings, warehouses, and other such facilities where steel roofing may be the right option.

We will review your commercial roofing options with you. As a commercial roofing contractor working with the best materials and the latest practices, you can expect to be presented with the right options so you can make informed decisions. We work with your budget, needs, and preferences so that the commercial roofing system you choose is the right system.

Proper Roofing Maintenance

We can also execute the proper roofing maintenance schedule. It’s important for a commercial establishment to keep the roof in check because there is a lot at stake. The roof should be inspected before the summer and after the winter. If a storm event moves through, the roof should be inspected for damage so that the damage can be rectified as soon as possible.
With a good maintenance schedule, it is possible to avoid leaks that can lead to expensive damage to the building and anything inside of it. To ensure the roof is properly maintained, we study foot traffic patterns, use patterns, and potential trouble spots. You can rest assured that your roof will be functional for many years to come.

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At RJI Professionals, we are committed to giving your commercial building the durable and long-lasting roof that you and it deserves. If you are ready to experience better energy savings and a roof that can stand up to the weather and other harsh conditions, call us for a free estimate at 877-ROOF-310.