10 small jobs around the home that you’ve been putting off

If our previous article about how you can add value to your home has got you thinking, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you do the small jobs around the home that you’ve been putting off. Here’s what we suggest you look at. Electrical Maybe there’s a light bulb that doesn’t work, or a… Read more »

10 Things to do in Helena Montana

We previously talked about the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Helena, and so if that’s convinced you to visit, then here are 10 things to do in Helena Montana. 1.History Lovers If you’re a history lover, then there’s plenty to see in Helena Montana You’ll want to visit the Original Governor’s Mansion, This Queen… Read more »

10 Things you didn’t know about Helena Montana

Following on from our posts about Denver and Minneapolis, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Helena, Montana, the state capital. Montana is the 4th largest state by area in the USA. It is big enough to fit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, as well as the District of Columbia inside. However,… Read more »