Communication during a Storm

In the event of a severe storm, other weather phenomenon or disaster, then you’ll want to be able to tell people that you need help, or that you’re OK. That’s why communication during a storm is so important. Here’s what you’ll need to think about. 1. No internet If there is no power, then you… Read more »

Have you got a Home Emergency Plan?

In the event of a storm, you won’t want to panic about finding things, or worrying about whether you should stay at home or need to find somewhere safer. You’ll need to make sure that you remain calm and confident so that you and your family can stay safe , warm and dry. All the… Read more »

What should be in your Home Emergency Kit?

When you’ve created your Home Emergency Plan you’ll need a Home Emergency Kit too. This will include everything you need to stay warm and dry, communicate, clear rubble if needed, and survive for several days and nights without light, heat or power. Your home emergency kit will be unique, as your location, capabilities and family… Read more »