What are Ice Dams and what should I do?

Lets face it, when you live in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Montana and deal with big snow storms, most homes will experience ice dams. Savvy homeowners realize this issue and take the necessary steps to remove ice dams. Click here for a quick video from the experts at This Old House. Regardless if a roof… Read more »

Cut Your Energy Costs: 5 Tips to You Can Implement Today

Could your outdoor lighting be costing you? Cut Your Energy Costs: 5 Tips to You Can Implement Today  0 BY LUCAS HAMILTON ON JULY 3, 2019HOMEOWNER HELP I spend a fair amount of my time as a building scientist helping building owners identify ways to improve their building envelop to improve thermal comfort, indoor air quality, moisture management… Read more »


4 STEPS TO FOLLOW AFTER THE STORM HITS Your heart sinks and your mind races after a storm hits and damages your home. What should you do? Can you fix anything yourself? Should you start calling contractors? Help! Below is the basics of homeowners insurance and storm damage. Step One: Assess the Damage, Take Photos After… Read more »

My Roof Is Going to Last Forever, Right?

Know Your Warranty That’s a really good question. And the answer is, no. When we make investments in our home, sure, we’d love these improvements to last forever. And, in reality, with all of the different weather we experience—hail, rain, snow, ice, tornados, hurricanes, intense heat etc., no one can promise that anything exposed to… Read more »

10 small jobs around the home that you’ve been putting off

If our previous article about how you can add value to your home has got you thinking, then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you do the small jobs around the home that you’ve been putting off. Here’s what we suggest you look at. Electrical Maybe there’s a light bulb that doesn’t work, or a… Read more »

10 Things to do in Denver

We talked about 10 things you didn’t know about Denver, and so if you’re tempted to come here, there are certainly lots of things to do in Denver. We’ve chosen some of our favorite activities, sights and things to do in Denver that will keep you entertained and give you an insight into this amazing… Read more »

10 Things you didn’t know about Denver

Following on from our 10 things you didn’t know about Minneapolis, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Denver, the Mile High City. 1. The Mile High City Denver really is the Mile High City, and is officially 5,280 ft, (1,610m) above sea level.  The rarified air means that alcoholic drinks are ‘stronger’, golf… Read more »