10 Tips For Hiring The Right Storm Damage Contractor

If your home has suffered storm damage then you’ll want to make sure that you get the damages fixed quickly, properly and professionally, which is why you need the right storm damage contractor.

Here’s our guide.

1. Emergency

Your home will need to be repaired quickly after storm damage, so you’ll need to choose a storm damage contractor that will treat you as an emergency case.

You’ll naturally be upset, and worried for your family. A good storm damage contractor will understand that you might not know the full extent of the damage, realize that your children are anxious, and that you have a hole in your roof that needs fixing as soon as possible.

2. Availability

There’s no point in finding the perfect contractor to fix your damage if they can’t come to see you for a week.

Perhaps the company you’re looking at has many people working for them, and so will be able to send somebody out to see you quickly.

3. List of damage

Depending on the time of day, and how safe your home is after the storm, you might be able to provide a comprehensive list of damage. More than likely though, you might need a professional to assess the damage to make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

4. Capability

The company you choose should be capable of carrying out the work required to fix your home after a storm. As well as fixing or replacing your roof or a window, you might need remedial work carrying out on walls or ceiling, or rooms painting again.

You don’t want to have to choose another company and wait for them to carry out additional work on your home.

5. Reputation and Testimonials

A good storm damage contractor will have a good reputation, and you’ll see plenty of testimonials on their website.

This should provide you with the reassurance you need to let them ix your house after a storm.

6. Accreditations

Does the storm damage contractor you’re considering have plenty of accreditations? These accreditations should be visible on their website, so that you know that the company is capable of working on your home.

7. Work with insurance companies

Knowing that the storm damage contractor who’s going to fix your home also deals with your insurance company will be a huge weight off your mind.

If your storm damage contractor also has as loss adjustor then they can work alongside the loss adjustor from your insurance company in order to negotiate a proper settlement, and get started on the work on your home.

8. Experience

The company you choose should have plenty of experience of repairing storm damage. Whilst some companies may specialize in roofing or windows, you’ll want to choose one that can handle all the repairs needed after a storm has damaged your home.

9. Brands / products used

You might have certain brands or products in mind that you want to be used to repair your home. You’ll want to choose a storm damage contractor that uses your choice of brands and products as standard, or can get them for you.

You might already have a certain brand of windows or siding panels fitted, you might prefer a certain brand of paint, or type of roofing shingle.

10. Quality of work

You’ll want to ensure that the work carried out by your storm damage repair company is of a high standard, so that you can relax knowing that the damage suffered won’t be affecting the rest of your home, or your family’s quality of life.

You don’t want to have to put up with poorly installed windows that let in a draft, or a roof that now leaks.


If your home has been affected by storm damage, and you need a storm damage contractor, then why not Contact Us on 877-ROOF-310 and let us know how we can help you? We work with insurance companies and can help you with your claim as well as your storm damage repairs.