10 Reasons To Inspect Your Guttering Today

If you’re not big on home maintenance, then perhaps you only check your roof, your heating system and your windows, and not your guttering.

Here’s why you should inspect your gutters too.

1. Spring clean

At this time of year, you’ll want to see how well your home has stood up to the winter weather.

The guttering is a good place to start, and can give you an indication of problems elsewhere, such as with your roof or windows.

2. Build up of mud and leaves

There’s likely to be a build up of mud and leaves in your guttering, so you’ll want to clean them out so that rain water flows and drains properly.

3. Wet walls

Wet walls are often a sign of problems with your guttering. You might discover that a pipe is not working as it should be, or that there is a blockage somewhere.

4. Damage caused by snow

You might notice that there is damage to your roof this year, which could be caused by heavy snow.

If you don’t clear the snow from your gutters, then you can expect some damage.

5. Guttering takes a battering during the winter months

Your guttering is responsible for taking away the water from your roof. So if your home has been battered by storms, snow and ice during the winter, you’ll want to make sure that it works properly.

6. May be blocked

Even if everything looks right, your guttering may still be blocked. You’ll need to make sure that you check each pipe flows properly to ensure it isn’t blocked.

7. Sagging

Your guttering pipes may be noticeably sagging, especially if you experienced a lot of snow, and you didn’t clear it off.

Sagging pipes are more likely to crack or fail, potentially leading to leaks and other damage.

8. Make sure everything is firmly attached

Now is also a good time to ensure that everything is firmly attached to the wall and roof. Perhaps there are loose fixings, or missing screws that need to be replaced.

9. Notice any damage

Running a keen eye over all your gutters regularly will make sure that you’re aware of any damage almost as soon as it happens.

This means that you can repair or replace it before it causes serious problems.

10. Replace broken brackets or pipes

Broken brackets and pipes should be repaired or replaced rather than left. Whilst replacing your guttering might not be the most glamorous aspect of being a homeowner, you’ll be annoyed if your laziness means that your roof leaks, or your gutters collapses.


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