10 Home Projects to think about this year

If you’re finally over the winter, and are looking forward to warmer days, lighter mornings and evenings and even a bit of sunshine, then perhaps you’ve already made plans for which home projects you‘re going to do this year.

If you haven’t, then here are 10 home projects to think about this year.

1. Windows

If you had a cold winter, then perhaps it’s time to look at your windows.

Do they leak? Are they old? Are they hard to open or close? Do they let the noise in?

If you answered yes, then it might be time to replace them.

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2. Roof

If you had a cold windy or snowy winter and your roof took the brunt of it, then perhaps it’s time to get it looked at. And maybe even replace it.

Perhaps you’re missing tiles, you haven’t ever replaced your roof, or there are signs of water damage.

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3. Sidings

If the exterior of your home has seen better days, and perhaps you’ve never replaced your sidings, then now might the perfect time to get vinyl sidings fitted.

Read our sidings blog posts, and discover why as well as being durable, and low maintenance, there are many more reasons to choose vinyl sidings.

4. Gutters

You gutters have to deal with a lot, from rain water and leaves, to falling roof shingles and the odd miss-thrown ball.

Read our gutters blog posts and see why if you haven’t had somebody round to inspect your gutters or replaced recently then maybe now is the time to think about getting new gutters.

5. Storm preparation

If you were caught out by storms last year, or know someone who suffered storm damage, then perhaps you want to make sure that you’re prepared this year.

Read our storms blog posts and reduce your risk of being caught out this year. Maybe you want to put a storm emergency plan together, help your neighbors prepare for a storm, or prepare your home for a storm, and even prepare your car for a storm.

If you do get caught out by a storm, we can help with your storm damage insurance claims, and have a storm damage checklist, and advice for structural damage after a storm.

6. Kitchen

If you’re fed up of cooking in cramped conditions, or not having the work surfaces, storage or appliance you need, then perhaps you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen.

You could have the latest appliances and time saving gadgets, as well as bigger and better laid out cupboards and drawers and make more of your wall space for storage too.

Maybe you want your whole family to be able to eat round the table instead of rushed meals in front of the TV, or perhaps you want to start baking or entertaining friends and family more often.

7. Bathroom

If you’re fed up of cold showers, cracked tiles and mouldy carpet, perhaps now is a good time to remodel your bathroom.

Whether you decide to make it look more like a luxury hotel room, more family friendly, or more practical now you’re getting older, you’ll be able to get the bathroom that best meets your needs.

8. Basement or Garage

If you want more space, why not remodel your basement or garage?

You could make an extra bedroom, give the kids their own space to play, a home cinema, or simply have a place away from the kids!

Maybe you could even work from home, or start a new business too?

9. Deck or Patio

If you spend a lot of time outside, why not invest in a deck or patio for your garden?

You’ll e able to have somewhere to enjoy the sun, somewhere safe to put the BBQ, and somewhere for friends and family to sit when they come round too.

10. Landscaping

If you are sat on your new deck or patio, you’ll want to make sure that your garden is beautiful so that you can enjoy looking at your flowers, neatly manicured lawn, and maybe a tree or two as well.

Spending time on your garden is something that you can benefit from all year round. Even in the winter you’ll prefer to look at a nice lawn instead of overgrown grass or broken fencing.


Now you know what sort of home projects you could do this year, what’s stopping you?

We offer a wide range of home improvements and remodeling services, and with our financing option too, you could have your home looking the way you always imagined it, much sooner than your thought.

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