10 Most Common Storm Types

As experienced storm damage contractors, we thought we’d explain some of the most common storm types that we experience in the US.

1. Derecho Storms

A Derecho is a large series of storms following each other over a path of at least 240 miles with wind gusts of at least 58mph.

These types of storm are hard to predict, but often happen in warm weather in June and July.

2. Flooding

Floods occur due to rain and other water rising faster than the drains can handle. Flash floods can leave buildings and roads under several inches of water in a matter of minutes.

Flooding often leads to severe damage to homes and commercial buildings, other property and infrastructure.

Flash floods are responsible for around 200 deaths in the US every year.

3. Hail Storms

Hail storms often cause a lot of damage as they are hard and can fall at speeds of up to 120mph.

Damage caused by hailstorms often includes roof, windows and skylights, siding, guttering, as well as other property and vehicle damage.

Whilst small hail stones are most common, the largest hailstone ever seen in the US was 8 inches in diameter, and weighed almost 2 pounds.

4. Snow Storms

Heavy snow may seem more of an inconvenience than a cause of damage to your home, however heavy build ups of snow can lead to collapsed roofs or gutters, and blocked drains can cause flooding.

5. Hurricanes

The hurricane is the most powerful type of tropical cyclone, and is identified by low pressure systems, high winds, heavy rainfall and storm surges and swells.

Hurricanes that reach land can be extremely destructive damaging property and affecting infrastructure.

6. Ice Storms

Ice storms produce freezing rain which covers everything in ice, making everything slippery, and causing hazardous conditions and potentially affecting homes and vehicles.

7. Lightning

Lightning is often to blame for storm damage, and is usually the cause of falling trees, wildfires, structural fires and power outages.

8. Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can cause a wide range of different types of weather, such as hail, tornadoes and flooding. This can cause damage to property.

Lightning strikes from dry thunderstorms, where there is no rain, often cause wildfires.

9. Tornadoes

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous, from the high winds often in excess of 300mph, to the debris carried by these high winds.

Tornadoes are so prevalent in certain states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri that the area is named “tornado alley”. Minnesota lies on the northern edge and sees around 26 tornadoes per year, an average of more than 2 a month.

10. Tropical Storms

Tropical storms must have wind speeds of between 39 and 73mph, and are prevalent in the Pacific and Atlantic.

The main damage caused by tropical storms include damage caused by water, and damage caused by debris picked up by the wind.


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