norandexRJI Professionals Inc. performs many sidings projects every year in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota,  Texas and Wisconsin. Vinyl siding is very popular because it has changed over the past 10 years in a positive way.

We use quality Norandex siding materials. Norandex offers a wide variety of attractive options that are designed to withstand extreme weather and add lasting value to your home.

You’ll also find a variety of textures, colors, design details and accessories.

The Benefits

siding on housesVinyl siding is a great choice for homeowners looking to reduce the amount of exterior home maintenance they need to do, while also making the home more energy efficient.

As a well respected and experienced home maintenance company, we offer the best possible vinyl siding and at a cost that is manageable for you. With all of the color options, you can have the look that you desire in no time.

In addition, vinyl has the ability to resist severe weather and it does not rot. This increases the resale value of the home. Because it is now manufactured to be twice as thick as metal sidings, it is proving to be much stronger.

A breakdown of the benefits:


The flexibility of vinyl allows it to bend to virtually any form. It is less rigid than aluminum siding. When aluminum siding is bent, it will crack or break. It can also dent like a car if it is impacted.

Once the aluminum is damaged, it has to be replaced, which can be difficult to do. This is because the pieces around the edges must be disturbed, which can damage other pieces which creates a domino effect, resulting in the repair of multiple panels.

Temperature control

Vinyl does not conduct cold or heat. Metal does and this can place additional stress on the insulating barriers of the home. Vinyl siding also has an insulating value, which means it adds to the insulation protection of the home.


There are so many colors available that you can very easily give the home the appearance that you want it to have. Opposed to aluminum siding that fades over time or chips when painted, Vinyl’s coloring is a solid color. The siding that RJI uses allows for the manufacturer’s warranty to protect against fade for a prolonged period of time.

There are many clients that feel it is difficult to decide between aluminum and vinyl siding. While aluminum does have its advantages, we are a siding installation company that will help you decide what is best for your wallet, your home, and the overall appearance of the structure.

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