How to Prepare your Business for a Storm

Whilst you might know how to prepare for a storm in the workplace, and have adapted your home emergency kit for work, do you know how to prepare your business for a storm? From being able to work from other locations, to ensuring your customers know not to visit your shop, here’s what we recommend you think about…. Read more »

Preparing for the aftermath of a storm

Whilst you can prepare for a storm, you can also prepare for the aftermath of a storm too. Instead of panicking or not knowing what to do, you’ll be able to keep your family and home safe, and see what needs to be done. Here’s what we suggest you think about when you check to… Read more »

What are the Storm Warning Signs?

Are you impressed how some people know when there’s a storm coming? What are the storm warning signs they can see that you can’t? Whilst we all think that we would know if a storm was approaching why do we get caught out so often? Heard the phrase, the calm before the storm? Wonder where… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Storm in the Workplace

We’ve talked about preparing your home for a storm and preparing your car for a storm, but what about if a storm hits whilst you’re at work? You spend most of the day at work, so do you know how to prepare for storm in the workplace? There will be different requirements to home, as there could be… Read more »

Structural Damage After a Storm

What should you do if your home has suffered structural damage after a storm? Bad weather of all kinds can affect your home, and cause structural damage, no matter whether it’s a thunder storm or a hail storm. If your home has suffered structural damage after a storm, then you’ll need to know what to… Read more »

How to help your neighbors prepare for a storm

Whilst you and your family might be well prepared for any eventuality, from your children knowing how to open doors to your spouse knowing where to find additional medication, what about helping your neighbors prepare for a storm? 1. Elderly If you have elderly neighbors, then you’ll want to go and see them and ask… Read more »

How to prepare your car for a storm

Following from our guide to how to prepare your home for a storm, we’ll help you to prepare your car for a storm, so that you can get home or wherever you need to be, when the weather is bad. Here’s what we recommend. 1.Keep your car in good condition Now is a good time… Read more »

Communication during a Storm

In the event of a severe storm, other weather phenomenon or disaster, then you’ll want to be able to tell people that you need help, or that you’re OK. That’s why communication during a storm is so important. Here’s what you’ll need to think about. 1. No internet If there is no power, then you… Read more »

How to prepare your home for a storm

In the event of a storm warning or other emergency situation there are several things you can do to prepare your home for a hail storm to minimize the damage done by hail. As well as having your Home Emergency Plan and your Home Emergency Kit, you can make sure you prepare your home for… Read more »

Have you got a Home Emergency Plan?

In the event of a storm, you won’t want to panic about finding things, or worrying about whether you should stay at home or need to find somewhere safer. You’ll need to make sure that you remain calm and confident so that you and your family can stay safe , warm and dry. All the… Read more »