10 Things to do in Helena Montana

We previously talked about the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Helena, and so if that’s convinced you to visit, then here are 10 things to do in Helena Montana. 1.History Lovers If you’re a history lover, then there’s plenty to see in Helena Montana You’ll want to visit the Original Governor’s Mansion, This Queen… Read more »

10 Things you didn’t know about Helena Montana

Following on from our posts about Denver and Minneapolis, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Helena, Montana, the state capital. Montana is the 4th largest state by area in the USA. It is big enough to fit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, as well as the District of Columbia inside. However,… Read more »

Is it time to replace your roof?

If you’re thinking about home maintenance, and are wondering whether it’s time to replace your roof, then here’s what we think you should think about. 1. Age of your home How old is your home? If it’s 15-25 years old, or older then it’s probably time to replace your roof. Roofs fitted in the 1980s… Read more »

10 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you’re just getting over the winter and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, then here are 10 spring home maintenance tips you can think about. Here’s what we recommend. 1. Clean the gutters You might have only just had someone out to clear your gutters, but once the snow and ice has gone,… Read more »

Ice Dams are not covered by Roof Warranty

Just to let you know, RJI Professionals, Inc. and the manufacturers of your roofing products, DO NOT WARRANTY ICE DAMS. “Ice dams are not covered by your roof warranty.” Therefore, it is the responsibility of the property owner (probably you, or your landlord) to resolve this problem. Your Homeowners Insurance may cover removal of ice dams… Read more »

Winter Freeze and Thaw Can Cause Problems for Your Roof

It has been a crazy winter so far for RJI Professionals!  And we still have a few months to go.  Have you noticed all the potholes in the road?  Well, obviously, the potholes are the result of the winter freeze and thaw we have been going through. The rapid swings in temperature and excessive snowfall… Read more »

How to Prepare your Business for a Storm

Whilst you might know how to prepare for a storm in the workplace, and have adapted your home emergency kit for work, do you know how to prepare your business for a storm? From being able to work from other locations, to ensuring your customers know not to visit your shop, here’s what we recommend you think about…. Read more »

Preparing for the aftermath of a storm

Whilst you can prepare for a storm, you can also prepare for the aftermath of a storm too. Instead of panicking or not knowing what to do, you’ll be able to keep your family and home safe, and see what needs to be done. Here’s what we suggest you think about when you check to… Read more »

What are the Storm Warning Signs?

Are you impressed how some people know when there’s a storm coming? What are the storm warning signs they can see that you can’t? Whilst we all think that we would know if a storm was approaching why do we get caught out so often? Heard the phrase, the calm before the storm? Wonder where… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

If the cold weather and snow hasn’t hit you yet, then perhaps you’ve still got time to prepare your home for winter. If you’re not sure what’s involved in preparing your home for Winter, then here’s what we recommend you need to think about. Remember, that your personal and family safety are of paramount importance,… Read more »